Vision and Mission


To position Ijesaland as a commercial and industrial hub in Nigeria through Youth and Community empowerment, and promotion of commercial, innovative technology and industrial development

Based on the vision, the PIDGroup has 2 departments:
Youth Development and Economic Development

Youth Development Department
The mission of the youth development wing is

  1. To instill the spirit of self-development, belonging, services, ethics and loyalty in the minds of the Youth in Ijesaland
  2. To assist the Youths to attain their full potential in their chosen profession or career through regular training programs, seminars and other means.
  3. To promote self-reliance through mentorship in entrepreneurship and skill development

Economic Development Department
The mission of the economic development wing is

  1. To advocate for good governance and service delivery by interacting with our political leadership in Ijesaland.
  2. To partner with other like-minded bodies to lobby the government and its agencies on the development of stable infrastructures such roads, railway, energy, water and communication in ijesaland
  3. To revise the existing Blueprint for Ijesaland Development, and develop strategic implementation plans to action it
  4. To identify areas of investment and potential investors
  5. To sensitize, mobilise and prepare the ijesa Community for business and industrial transformation by capacitating and empowering them regularly
  6. To explore twinning all the Local Government Headquarters to progressive towns in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, etc