We thank H.E. Gov Oyetola for the interest he has in Ijesaland .
Ijesa youth intervention program, championed by the Professionals in Pan Ijesa Development Group (both within Nigeria and in Diaspora) of which this is one of the pilot schemes to change the dynamics and orientation of the Youths from mediocrity towards gaining admission to university at a very high rate and also develop positive skill for better tomorrow of Ijesaland and world at large.

We at Pan-Ijesaland development group are standing on the shoulder of giants from previous Owa-Obokuns, Da-Richas and his compatriot Ogedengbe through to our Papas at Egbe Atunluse. We believe that investment in education & knowledge pays the best dividends (B.Franklin) and as Awo the Avatar said ” only an educated person can play a full and meaningful role in the affairs of society and seek good of it”.
Guys remember :-

  • you are Ijesa favourite.
    -aiming for the best is the ultimate you deserve.
    -strength doesn’t come from what you can do. but in overcoming things you once thought you couldn’t do.
  • Education + ise loogun ise = Osomaalos iwude dance.
    Esau sold his birthright for a morsel of food .
    You sold your birthright if you :-
  • like momentary pleasure to hardwork.
  • failure to do homework.
    -failure to be attentive and punctual in class.
  • failure to put in our best to make the most of every good opportunities.
    I pray that your understanding will be open and you will not sell your birthright. Amen.
    Fellow Ijesa ambassadors , I will end with this song
    This life of mine ,
    I will let it shine 3xe
    Let it shine 2xe
    For the world.
    Dire Omole
    On behalf of Pan Ijesa Development Group.